Where we will start

It is interesting and probably appropriate that I start off this section of the blog with Genesis. As we go through this blog I felt it would be nice to share what I am reading during my quiet time and what really sticks with me.
A few weeks ago I was searching for something to read during my quiet time that I hadn’t read in a while. I have spent a lot of time in the New Testament recently, specifically the Gospels, to look back at the life of Christ and trying to read it with new eyes. Trying to just examine how He lived and applying that to my own life. It is amazing how His life was not about comfort or things we find important. Yet all too often I seek my comfort and move away from uncomfortable situations. I make idols out of things that make me feel empty and leave me unsatisfied. Christ, the perfect example, shows me how to live and how it still applies to this day. As He put me here in this place, at this time, at this moment, for His reason I must look to Him to see how to actually move forward.
So, back to the point of this particular writing, I start with Genesis 1. It is the book of beginnings and so what better way than to start this section of the blog off with it. It is funny how sometimes it seems God is using the same themes or stories during a period of our lives. It could be the story of Joseph that keeps getting mentioned or a certain theme, like that of forgiveness that just keeps coming up on a very regular basis. Obviously I feel that God is trying to teach me something or remind me of something I need to work on or apply for a particular time in my life. This in all honesty can be frustrating at times because I don’t want to learn about patience again. But, that is what has led me back to Genesis.
A couple of months ago my wife and I started going through some trials with her health and the health of loved ones. During that time, the story of Joseph was a prominent theme. His story was amazing and it was amazing how God used his story for our own time of hurt and pain.
As we started reading some different books, the stories of Abraham and Jacob came up. Once we thought we got away from those stories, God would remind us of them during church or by bringing it up in a separate book or way. So this is how we get to Genesis. I feel God is really leading me to read it right now and be reminded of how it all began, His greatness and how He used some common people that struggled with sin much like I do, to do great and uncommon things. I think also it is to remind me of His faithfulness and how He is the Great Provider.
So essentially this is me adding something to the scope of this blog. As I have gone through the chapters, God has pointed out some really important things that I feel like sharing. Again, I am by no means a Bible scholar or claim to know even 10% of the depths of God’s Word. This is just me sharing what is on my mind and why it stuck out to me at this point and time. Are we going to cover every single thing? No, by no means. I hope that it will just be a theme or certain subject that really stuck with me. Are there times when it could be two or three different things? Of course, there is so much good stuff. Or more accurately great stuff to talk about.


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