About a year ago, Rachel and I went to one of our favorite places in Fort Worth, the Rahr Brewery. The day we were to go, the brewery was doing a special tribute to Movember. I had no idea what Movember was and actually thought it was a typo at first. But as I looked at the site and the description of Movember, I was moved by the group and what they are trying to do.
As the brewery celebrated Movember with a special mustache glass, which is way cool, I told Rachel that next year I will participate in it. That next year is now.
For those that may not know, Movember is a month long salute to men’s health awareness, in particular encouraging men to get screenings. It is also a way to show support for all the dudes battling prostate cancer and a way to remember those we have lost along the way. You show support for Movember by growing out a mustache (thus the M for November) for the entire month.
So this year, with many different things going on, I am supporting Movember by having a no-shave November. Also, by being a 1,000 miles away, I didn’t have to worry about my mother attacking me with a razor.
As I go through this month and the whiskers get longer and itchier, my mind is turning toward those who are battling. For me, my first Movember is coming with an addendum. It is not just to support men getting screenings or men battling prostate cancer, but it is for all those we have lost to this terrible disease. It is for the solidarity of standing by those battling for their lives. It is for those whose life has been saved. It is for every man and every woman who is struggling. It is for every miracle of life after being given a short time to live.
This November is almost up and thankfully for me (and for Rachel) the itchy beard will be gone. But as Thanksgiving comes, I am reminded of lives lost too early. I am reminded of those fighting right now. I am amazed at those using this horrific disease to help and encourage others. Heroes aren’t athletes or celebrities or chefs. It is those that have looked death in the face and by the grace and miracle of God survived. They used this time to encourage those around them. To be an inspiration. To use this time of tragedy and find comfort, satisfaction, hope and joy in the only One that can offer those things. This thanksgiving, Rachel and I remember those that have touched our lives and battled some form of cancer. To those that are battling, we are with you. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. That includes all those we do not know. We are praying for you.
So join us by not shaving the rest of November or in prayer or by even giving to a cancer foundation. More pictures once the month is over. Here is one for now.



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