Being satisfied in God

As I listened to this podcast of this sermon, I had no idea that many have  picked it apart. Many do not like what Piper says in this two-part message. Let me first just say that I simply enjoyed this sermon from many years ago. I listened to it as I walked on my lunch hour (I had to divide it up over two days to be honest). But it was so powerful to me. I love the way Piper is so passionate for God and is constantly relating points back to Scripture. His passion for God, the way he yearns for us to desire God more is infectious. I am so thankful that God has used the few sermon podcasts I have heard to really stir something up in me. I understand that some people don’t like that he uses the word hedonism, this is simply a post (a couple of post actually) about why I enjoyed this sermon. It is my own sermon notes.

Since the sermon and the notes were so long, I have divided this up into a few post. Below you will find the notes I took from listening to his sermon. This post is on the first part of what he said.

I love the mission that he has for himself and his church, to simply spread a passion for God and His supremacy. Simply I want the desire of my heart and every facet of my life to be about God. His name, His renown, to glorify the Lord in this simple little life that is over so quick.

Since I have heard this thesis statement that “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him”, it has renewed me in a way to stop focusing on the things of this world. That I must not look to any god or idol of this world for satisfaction. The only way that I will feel satisfied, that I will feel purpose and worth is by drowning in the waterfall of God.

I am reminded of a book by Larry Crabb called Inside Out where it talks about us having different longings and how we spend 90% of our time on these longings that don’t satisfy. That may help us feel better for a moment, but quickly fade away. This is what I do so often. I don’t want to dig my own wells or cisterns. I don’t want to seek after money or fame or power or whatever other counterfeit god, yet it is so easy to slip into that.

One thing that I really enjoy about this message is being reminded that we are to be happy in God. Whenever I have those moments where I feel I am in God’s presence, those are some of the happiest times. I cherish those times. It may happen at a completely unhappy moment, but having such a meaningful, intimate time with Him is awesome.

I want to eat from His table. I need to eat the very fruits of God’s goodness. I want to have that thirst, that passion, that hunger to desire God above all things and never, ever be content in our relationship. And if God is using this message to stir something up in me to remind me of just how satisfying He is, then I am so thankful. I am so thankful that He is using this message to remind me to stop trying to be satisfied in this world and just be satisfied in Him.

God, my prayer is that i may be satisfied in you and only you. Help me to delight in you and Your ways. I need You to help me seek You and only You. My greatest desire and joy is You Lord, may I stop trying to fulfill that in this unsatisfying world. This world will and does fail me, but you are good and i trust in you. amen.


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