May 15 – The Habit of Rising to the Occasion

What does it mean to “achieve everything your election as a child of God provides?” How do I direct that power? God help me to depend on your Spirit that by your power I can rise to every occasion. I want to exhibit the salvation I didn’t earn. I need God’s help to work out or live out my salvation that Christ may be evidenced. I don’t want to be some grouchy, miserable person who is and acts like an idiot when doesn’t get his way. God doesn’t shield us from trials but allows them so that we can jump over that wall or rise to the occasion. We will rise because that is what is demanded. No matter the hurt, pain, length or even the odds (thinking of Jericho or Gideon), it is an opportunity for God to manifest Christ and be glorified. God help us not complain but be willing to face whatever adversity comes our way. “The only proper goal of life is that we manifest the Son of God;” our demands don’t matter. Jesus didn’t demand, so neither should we demand. May we submit that God may work through us what He wants. Then in our submission, He can use us to feed others.


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