May 26 – Thinking of Prayer as Jesus Taught

The correct way to think of prayer is our very breath and the blood that flows through us. They both happen “without ceasing”; it never stops and we are never conscious of it. Chambers says we are not always conscious when Jesus keeps us in perfect oneness with God, but by our obedience, he is doing just that. Prayer is not an exercise. It is the “childlike” habit of offering up prayers in your heart to God at all times. Jesus always prayed with a certainty the His prayers would be answered. I don’t feel I have that certainty about my prayers that Jesus had even though He gave us His Spirit. It may not be because I don’t think of the times God didn’t answer, but more of talking too much, not listening enough and making God a box to check off. God answers prayer in His best way, every single time. It just may not be in the area that we wanted it. Do we expect God to answer prayer, especially my prayers? I don’t. Chambers warns about watering down what Jesus said (“everyone who asks receives”) to align with our common sense. “But if it were only common sense, what He said would not even be worthwhile.” Trust God to do big things. Don’t try to handle it on your own or only give Him things you think He will answer. God is a great big and powerful God who is more than able to handle your small problems, no matter how big they may seem to you. Jesus teaches us about prayer being supernatural truths that He reveals to us. Let God be God and watch His mastery as He answers your prayers.


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