Faith in Genesis

One of the main themes throughout the Bible is that of faith. It is key to our salvation in Christ Jesus. Our faith is something that is almost constantly under attack. We are faced with trials, tribulations, struggles and doubts. Sometimes we prevail. Sometimes we fail. At times in our lives, we will be called to take a leap of faith. we do not know where we are going or what we will do, but we know that God the Father is calling us to something more. Just like Indiana Jones had to take the “leap of faith” to get to the Holy Grail, so we will be faced with similar situations.

The book of Genesis is a story of beginnings. The world had its beginning, sin was introduced into this world, mankind almost completely destroyed and began again, Abraham had his beginning, as did Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Through this line the nation of Israel had its beginning. Almost every page in the book of beginnings displays the theme of faith. A person is called to faith. A person faith is tested. Faith in the Almighty is kept or a lack of faith is displayed. Faith is also a beginning. We begin our life with Christ by faith in Him and His finished work for us. Faith is not easy as Genesis shows, but even with the patriarchs are faithless, God is always faithful. Genesis has many storylines, but faith is one of the overarching themes. The faith of the people and the faithfulness of God.

This post is the main message of Genesis in this writers eyes and a high level summary outline of Genesis. I will also look at the faith of one of the patriarchs, how they lived a life of faith and finally how modern believers can learn from this life of faith.


  1. The main message of Genesis
    1. The book of Genesis displays creation and God’s covenant with the patriarchs to develop faith in His chosen people.
  2. Outline of Genesis
    1. The creation of the world and history of the earliest ages (chs. 1-11).
      1. God establishes His existence and His creation of all things (chs. 1-2).
      2. Mankind falls into sin and the progression throughout creation (chs. 3-5).
      3. God judges the world and His covenant with the lone faithful man named Noah (chs. 6-11).
    2. God makes covenants of promise with the chosen patriarchal fathers of faith (chs. 11-50).
      1. God establishes a covenant with Abraham and his journey of faith (chs. 11-25).
      2. God’s covenant is confirmed with Isaac and Jacob (chs. 25-36).
      3. The covenant of God is displayed through the life of Joseph for the future protection of the chosen people (chs. 37-50).
  1. How did Joseph model faith?

Joseph modeled faith even in facing reoccurring adversity, he did not compromise his integrity or faith in God. No matter what position he was in, he did not lose heart but instead willingly submitted and did all that was asked of him to be faithful, honoring, and glorifying to God. Through all the struggles and tribulations of Joseph’s life, when life was the bleakest, he continually trusted and had faith that God would not only work in those circumstances, but work them out for good. When others would have given up, Joseph was patient and endured the hardships. Joseph’s patient endurance through the struggles modeled faith because he focused on God’s big picture and trusted in God’s promises. He knew that there was a reason for these hardships and God was using him for a greater purpose to provide for his family, but more importantly ensure the protection for future generations of God’s people.

  1. How does the narrative of Joseph apply to the 21st century believer?

As the modern believer experiences and is faced with their own difficult hardships and circumstances, the story of Joseph is one that can be looked to for encouragement. His life was filled with trials and tribulations as it seemed it was one thing after another; the modern believer can look to the story of Joseph as an example of perseverance, endurance, patience, trust and faith. Honoring God, Joseph lived out his faith and refused to give in to the depression of his circumstances or succumbing to the temptations of the flesh. The story of Joseph translates through the centuries because when everything seems to be going wrong, Joseph displays a hope and faith that never submits to despair. His story reminds all of us that we must hold on to the promises of God, because God can use that for good to do something beyond our understanding. Joseph’s story shows that God will walk with us through the darkest valleys of life as we trust and remain faithful to Him.


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