Three Basic Worldviews

On of the most interesting parts of seminary has been learning about other religions and their view and beliefs in a God (or reasons for lack of belief). As I have learned more about my own Christianity and other religions, it has strengthened my own beliefs. It has caused me to think of the why or how that different religions believe what they do.

All struggle with some common themes and each religion tries to answer these common questions. As individuals struggle to find meaning or reason behind their existence or the problem of evil, they typically turn to some type of belief system, whether that is in some type of god or no god. So, I thought I would share this table graphic that shows how the three basic worldviews handle the 14 most common questions about life. (I apologize for the quality of the look but this was taken from some notes and the original could not be found.)

three basic worldviews 1 three basic worldviews 2



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