Compare and Contrast Angels and Humans: Part 3 Conclusion

A brief wrap-up post today on what the past few posts have been on in our short series of the differences and similarities of humans and angels. It is amazing how God created it all to be. In His infinite wisdom, He has done an incredible work. He offers all believers an amazing hope and promise of the future.

Concluding Thoughts

Angels demonstrate their unquestionable love for God by doing exactly what they were created to do. Humans can learn from their example. Both angels and humans are “spiritual beings” made for a harmonious relationship with the Father who is “spirit.”[1] “The creature – whether angel or human – is created to be God-centered. To become self-centered is a contradiction of the basic law of creature existence.”[2] Angels and humans have some of the same tasks – to reveal, worship and serve. Though there are various commonalities between angels and humans, there are many things that separate them. Unlike angels, humans have been made in the image of God, able to procreate, and can have familial relationships. Both angels (the fallen angels) and humans have sinned, but only humans can be forgiven. Believers and angels will rule and serve together, but while humans are presently lower than the angels, believers will eventually judge the angels and have a superior position to them in the future.

[1] Sherlock, “The Doctrine of Humanity,” 35-38.

[2] Chafer, Systematic Theology,  31.


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